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Established in 2007 and headquartered in Shanghai,State Nuclear Power Engineering Company Limited(SNPEC) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of State Nuclear Power Technology Corporation.(SNPTC),one of the key state-owned enter -prises directly administrated by the Central Government of China.

SNPEC,the Chinese party responsible for the execution of the third generation AP1000 Self-Reliance Supporting Proj -ects and participating all around in the AP1000 Joint Project Management Organization(JPMO),is an entity of professi -onal nuclear power project management and platform for nuclear power self-reliant implementation.We’re now enga -ged in the project management of 4 units of two AP1000 Self-Reliance Projects ,Sanmen and Haiyang Nuclear Power Plant(NNP).

Developed by Westinghouse,the AP1000 pressurized water reactors(PWRs) of the Sanmen and Haiyang NPPs repre -sent state-of-the-art nuclear power technology internationally.Unit 1 of Sanmen is the first AP1000 unit ever commenc -ed in the world and its progress attracts worldwide attention.

SNPEC is also the project management company of the CAP1400 Demo Project,one of the Key National Special Scie -nce & Technology Demo Projects,and AP1000 Follow-Up Projects.

The establishment of SNPEC is of critical importance for China to deveiop nuclear power through”standardized design, factory prefabrication,modular construction,professional management and self-reliant development”,thess concepts are coming into reality through technology introduction,digestion,absorption,digestion,absorption and reinvention under the leadership of SNPTC.

公司荣获“上海市文明单位”称号 公司获评上海市企业文化示范基地 全球首批第三代AP1000核电站装料在即 公司获得“上海市五一劳动奖状”荣誉称号 国核工程举行5·22升旗仪式 王炳华调研AP1000依托项目三门现场
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